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Halfweg, Januari 2003

Dear Malacologists,

Herewith I list my catalogue 'Malacology', which contains 1000's of titles.
There is a wide variety of subjects, periods, authors and prices represented,
so I think, that there is something interesting in it for (almost) everybody.

The quality of the books and reprints is in most cases good and related to their age.
Please keep in mind, that most items had previous owners and can bear signs of that ownership.
In general I only made remarks on the quality, where it concerns the more expensive items.
You can order from this catalogue by mail or phone (7 days per week; answering-machine,
if not at home). All titles are numbered, so when you order you only have to
mention the item-number. All orders are accepted, no minimum order. Postage is extra.
No creditcard-facilities. Postal business only, no shop. The prices are in Euro.

Please send me your want-list, especially if you could not find,
what you are looking for, as I might be able to find something for you.
Please also state together with your order your special field of interest in
malacology (family, genus and/or region).

I am continuously looking for new material such as listed in this catalogue,
so please let me know, if you have something available. I also offer the possibility to
exchange instead of to buy. The conditions might be interesting for you.
Consignments are also welcome.

I always add a list of recent acquistitions to the items, that you order.


 Yours sincerely,

A.N. van der Bijl


Burgemeester van Bruggenstraat 41
1165 NV Halfweg. Nederland
Tel. +31-20-4977772